Teacher's Day Card Making

In May 15 it's teacher's day in Korea.

We give a little gift or write a card to teachers to celebrate that day.
So I made a card for my teachers.

My Mixed Media Art

Tiltle: Secret Garden
Size : 8 inch X 8 inch


Vintage Tag

I made some vintage tag.
It's also can be a great book maker. Idon't read much but I have awesom book mark that will make me read a book often. HaHA..

I made Three I  kept one for myself. And gave other ones to my husband and my best friend. :)


Made punched paper flower

I was bored so I made some paper flowers. I may use it for decorating my mini albums or handmade cards. Actually one of them I stuck on a calender to indicate my friend's birthday. HAHA :)

I like solid cardstock papers :) 


I took a picture. Near my house there's bike rentals and storage. They made some kind of a fun and cute bike sign with metal wings. Looks like it came right out of an illustration or the dreamy world.
I really lked it so I took a picture of it and made it my wallpaper for my iMac. I also put a calender for May 2012. :)

I used to drawing with pen and ink but recently stop drawing it.
Today I felt like drawing with pen and ink again. I drew my lovely rabbit's pot.  It's cute Ilike it. :)
Like afternoon tea time.


My Illustration_ Travel To The Sand Ocean

Watercolor Illustration   - Travel To The Sand Ocean -

I post one of my watercolor illustration. It's a fairy tale like story.
The story begines a little girl who happened to sail sand world with her origami paper boat.
It's fantasy story not really world like story.  :)

When she reached white tree forest she found a whale and  they became friends.
But the girl can't stay there forever so she gives a flower gift to the whale. "to say goodbye"

How do you like my little story with my illustration?
Please leave any comment on my illustration. I would like to hear any comment on my
art work. :)